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“Out of Reach" is a short (25-minute) documentary created by a teen filmmaker that captures the issue of prescription drug abuse through the eyes of a teen. Cyrus Stowe, a 17-year-old high school student, addresses a personal connection to medicine abuse and interviews friends, classmates and others about medicine abuse and what it looks like in their world. The topics contained in the film are a reflection of this issue across the country. It was created in collaboration with mentor and director Tucker Capps (of A&E’s “Intervention”) and The Partnership at Drugfree.org's Medicine Abuse Project. The film premiered at the 18th annual Genart Film Festival.

Email communications@drugfree.org for more information about how you can help #EndMedicineAbuse by sharing the full film and a special accompanying "Out of Reach" toolkit with your friends, schools, communities, families and more.

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